Measurement of Tobacco Enterprise Technological Innovation Capacity and Synergetic Development Mechanism Based on DEA Model

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Haiyun Sun, Bing Xu, Haiyan Yu


Adherence to new development concept, integration of integrity and innovation, and improvement of enterprise technological innovation capacity are the essence of new economic development in China. Tobacco economy is an important part of national economy, whose development is facing the internal and external pressure of development. Therefore, the enterprises above the designated scale in Shandong Province from 2011 to 2019 are selected as the holistic research sample to measure the R&D input-output index by DEA non-parametric method. It is found that (1) the technological innovation capacity of enterprises has been greatly improved but not reached the leading edge level; (2) the efficiency of technological innovation of enterprises has changed in the form of V; (3) the redundancy of full-time personnel equivalents exists and the technological efficiency and scale benefit do not meet the development expectation. The study indicates that the Chinese government should treat the development of tobacco economy carefully, adopt multiple measures of regulation and control, construct a healthy and synergetic development mechanism with the participation of innovation subjects, and realize the agglomeration and optimization of innovation factors, so as to make the development of tobacco enterprises meet the economic needs of China in the new era. 

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