Research on Hengqin Model of Ecological Protection and Enterprise Compliance Development in Tobacco Control Cities

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Jian Lan


Analyze the situation of tobacco control in Chinese cities and the development of Hengqin enterprises and the implementation of national tobacco control policies, to provide the theoretical reference for tobacco control, ecological protection and enterprise compliance development in Hengqin city.

Methods: Make statistics on the tobacco control policies and the effects of Chinese cities, and analyze the behavioral role of enterprises in the ecological construction of tobacco control cities.

Results: Although most cities support indoor smoking prohibition in various public places, the awareness rate of smoking prohibition regulations in public places is low. Relevant departments need to take more targeted publicity and education measures to increase the awareness rate and implementation effect of tobacco control policies and regulations, which is not only conducive to the ecological environment protection of tobacco control cities, but also conducive to the compliance development of enterprises.

Conclusion: It is necessary that the healthy development of ecological protection in Chinese cities be combined with tobacco control policies, laws and regulations; Enterprises shall play an important guiding role, with the full participation of stakeholders at the planning level, to optimize the design of tobacco control policies; The implementation level shall strengthen the protection of minors and play the role of various policy tools.

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