Retrospective Analysis of Tobacco Control Measures and Policies in China

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Lian He, Xiaoxin Chen, Chunzi Shao


Tobacco control measures can be divided into three types: regulatory, economic, and informational respectively. This paper focuses on the role and effect of different types of tobacco control measures during the epidemic prevention and control period in China. Conclusion: Firstly, as strong and powerful measures, economic measures can significantly reduce cigarette sales in the short term. However, the Chinese government did not adjust the cigarette consumption-tax rate during the period. Economic measures thus did not play an important role. Secondly, Due to few people in public places and workplaces, regulatory measures were “out of effect” in a short term. Therefore, there were insufficient evidence to find out whether regulatory measures are effective or not. Finally, China's tobacco production increased slightly during this period. This reflected that informational measures did not play an effective role.

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