Tobacco Control Policy Based on Environmental Protection Law

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Yang Liu


Based on the environmental protection law, this paper analyzes our current tobacco control policy and studies the effectiveness of the follow-up policy. Methods: This paper studies the impact of environmental law on tobacco industry and tobacco control from the legislative principles and regulatory subjects of environmental protection law. Grasping the basic connotation of tobacco control policy is the premise of understanding and implementing tobacco control. This paper analyzes tobacco control policy from the perspective of policy network and policy tools. Through the description of Smith policy model, find out the deficiencies in the implementation of tobacco control policy. Results: The smoking population in China tends to be younger, and the control of teenagers' smoking behavior should be more strict. Conduct investigation and management around the school, put forward certain requirements for students' parents, and carry out health education for students. Based on the legislative intention of environmental protection law, we should use policy tools, policy network and policy implementation process theory to supervise and manage the whole process of tobacco control implementation in China from the aspects of tobacco system, policy formulation, policy implementation and policy evaluation.. Conclusion: The government should strengthen the scientificity of tobacco control policy-making and improve its operability and unity. It should improve the implementation system of tobacco control policies and improve the construction of law enforcement subjects. An effective administrative punishment mechanism should be established and the information disclosure system of tobacco control policy should be strengthened. The social members should be guided to participate in and supervise. We should evaluate tobacco control policies and strive to improve the formulation, implementation and evaluation of tobacco control policies.

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