Relationship Between the Scale, Structure, Efficiency and Economic Growth of Tobacco Financial Development in China

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Yi Zhang, Shuwang Yang, Hang Zhang


This paper analyzes and studies the relationship between the scale, structure, efficiency and economic growth of tobacco financial development in China. Methods: Through the research on the theory of supply chain finance, this paper studies the products and application of the financial chain in the tobacco industry by using the methods of case analysis, literature research and case analysis. At the same time, taking the products of a bank as an example, this paper describes the product handling and operation process in detail, and analyzes the advantages and disadvantages of the products. Results: Commercial banks at home and abroad have gradually realized the power of the vigorous development of tobacco financial supply chain and actively developed tobacco supply chain financial products. The promotion of China's bank supply chain financial products at this stage will help banks to improve and adjust the traditional credit business structure. At the same time, it helps to improve and optimize the structure of tobacco customers and enhance the business cooperation between tobacco companies and banks. This can reduce the business risk of the tobacco industry and improve the overall profitability of the tobacco industry. Conclusion: The tobacco industry should steadily take advantage of the organization and coordination advantages of the government and make use of development financial funds to overcome difficulties. Only by improving the design and enlarging the leverage of financial support policies can the tobacco industry further develop.

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