Do you wish to review for Tobacco Regulatory Science?

Tobacco Regulatory Science is always searching for conscientious reviewers and extends an invitation to any tobacco researcher to join its Review Board. If you agree to the conditions below, complete and submit the application form. We believe the best reviewers are persons who have published several manuscripts themselves. Moreover you must submit a curriculum vitae.

*Note that those funded directly or indirectly by the tobacco industry cannot serve as reviewers or editors of Tobacco Regulatory Science. Contact the Editor-in-Chief if you have any questions about this policy.

Your responsibilities as a Board member are listed below:

  1. Serve a 3-year term, which may result in a re-appointment. Moreover, should you choose to withdraw/resign, you may do so at any time before your appointment is completed.
  2. Review no more than TWO manuscripts per 12-month period.  It is expected that manuscripts will be reviewed and returned within 21 days. Reviewers who repeatedly submit late reviews, ignore review requests or fail to return reviews will be removed as Editors/Reviewers.
  3. If you Reject a manuscript, we need specific reasons for your rejection because your comments will be forwarded to the author(s). Assure that all comments reflect professional judgments based on science, and please refrain from making personal attacks.
  4. If you are unable to review your manuscript within 21 days, contact the Editor electronically, so that we may send the manuscript to another reviewer without further delay.
  5. It is the policy of Tobacco Regulatory Science that author(s) submitting manuscripts will be notified of the status of manuscripts within 21 days of submission; therefore, if a manuscript is not returned within 21 days, you will be sent an email urging you to return the review. In addition to being known as a rigorous refereed journal, Tobacco Regulatory Science wishes to be known as a responsive journal.
  6. We hope that you occasionally select Tobacco Regulatory Science as a publication outlet for your manuscripts.
  7. Contact your university/employer library to subscribe to Tobacco Regulatory Science.

If you agree to the aforementioned conditions, to submit an application please click here.

Points of Interest

  1. Tobacco Regulatory Science is a specialized scholarly publication that combines regulatory science and policy implications in a single entity.
  2. If selected, your name will appear on the Website as a member of the Board.
  3. When vacancies become available on the Editorial Board, we elevate persons from the Review Board who have distinguished themselves by being reliable, thorough, and punctual.