First and foremost the more specific Author Guidelines must be followed, below is merely a Checklist to make sure you have covered items needed for your initial submission.


  • Submission is solely to Tobacco Regulatory Science.
  • Submission and all correspondence are conducted online at the web site.
  • The electronic title page submission does NOT contain author information.
  • Title contains no more than 75 characters including spaces.
  • The abstract has 5 distinct sections; Objective(s), Methods, Results, Conclusion(s), and Key words.
  • The abstract is ≤ 200 words including Key words.
  • The manuscript includes between 4 and 7 Key words for indexing.
  • The manuscript is in Microsoft Word Windows or Mac, double-spaced, pages numbered, and in a 12-point Times New Roman font.
  • American Medical Association (10th edition) style format is used.
  • Body of original research, reviews and analytic modeling is 5000 words or less excluding abstract, tables, figures and references; Brief Reports should not exceed 2000 words.
  • Cite where the tables and figures should be placed in the body of the text.
  • All “p” values are lower case and NOT capitalized as “P”.
  • Tables and figures are on separate pages and appear at the end of the manuscript after the references.
  • Embedded captions or titles do not appear inside any table or figure.
  • Copyright permission is obtained for all previously copyrighted material with letters indicating this permission as appropriate.
  • Index Medicus is used for listing of journal titles. For assistance go to
  • All journal titles are italicized and a followed by a period.
  • The manuscript is submitted with no reference program eg, Endnotes, etc.
  • Human subject research must have institutional review board (IRB) approval, and all studies involving animal research must have Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) approval, or statement of exempt status. Moreover, if IRB or IACUC approval is not acknowledged, the manuscript will be returned.
  • Paper has been checked for unattributed text via a plagiarism checker software (only after paper has been accepted for publication).

Final Checklist & Cover Page

Should your manuscript be Accepted with Revisions, you will be directed to download and accommodate stylistic changes detailed at the following link, Final Checklist. You will also be asked to create your own title page to accompany your text that mirrors this Cover Page. Once the final checklist and cover page have been successfully addressed, your manuscript will be forwarded to the grammarian and placed in the queue for typesetting.

Important: The Final Checklist differs from the Author Guidelines
The discrepancy between the Author Guidelines and the Final Checklist is not a journal inconsistency but distinctive requirements at different stages in the review process. Like other journals we delay the meticulous detail outlined on the Final Checklist until a positive publishing decision is made.

If additional questions arise, please contact the journal offices.