Effect of Tobacco on Knee Joint Recovery of College Students After Sports

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Xiaofeng Zhang


By analyzing the protective effect and mechanism of tobacco on knee joint cartilage in rats, this paper studies the effect of tobacco on knee joint recovery of college students after sports. Methods: Firstly, the main subunits of nAChRs were systematically studied by using the rat knee arthritis model α 7 and α 4 and β To clarify the correlation between nAChRs and the occurrence and development of OA. Then, the OA rat model prepared by iodoacetic acid was used as the experimental object to observe the protective effect of nicotine on knee osteoarthritis cartilage in rats. Results: The histological changes of rats in MIA group were obvious after operation. The results of light microscope score and Mankin's score at 15 and 30 days were significantly higher than those in con group. Of right knee cartilage in rats in MIA group α 7、 α 4 and β The expression of 2 did not change significantly on the 15th day, but increased significantly on the 30th day compared with the blank control group. Conclusion: Nicotine has a protective effect on knee bone and joint cartilage and promotes the accelerated recovery of knee bone and joint after exercise.

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