Analysis of the Effect of Psychological Nursing Intervention on Perioperative Mood and NK Cell Activity in Breast Cancer Patients

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Jihong Yuan, Linghong Yuan, Yi Hu, Jingjing Gong, Yang Tong, Yongmei Jin


Breast cancer (Breast Cancer, BC) is one of the most common malignant tumors in women in the world. It is the first malignant tumor that causes the death of women in developing countries. It seriously threatens the lives and health of women and causes damage to the family, economy and society. Through psychological nursing intervention, it has a positive effect on the perioperative mood and NK cell activity of breast cancer patients. The purpose of this article is to explore the effects of psychological intervention on the perioperative mood and NK cell activity of breast cancer patients. This article is based on the concept and theory of psychological nursing intervention for female breast cancer patients, and establishes personalized intervention measures in conjunction with clinical practice to intervene the emotions of breast cancer patients during the perioperative period. This article analyzes the nature, intensity, and causes of negative psychology of the subject through in-depth understanding of the subject’s psychological emotions, coping ability, personality characteristics, past emotional experience, and social support, and discovers the different emotional characteristics of the patient, and formulates the personality psychological intervention measures to stimulate positive and optimistic attitudes and ease the degree of negative psychology. This article analyzes the psychological characteristics of several breast cancer patients. Take corresponding psychological intervention measures. Cope with a series of bad psychology caused by image damage caused by total mastectomy. The results and data in this article show that the incidence of anxiety and depression in the control group is higher than that of the psychological intervention group at 7 days after the operation, with P values of 0.0059 and 0. 0215.Psychological intervention reduces the incidence of negative emotions and reduces the negativeness of patients. The intensity of emotion has played a good clinical effect.

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