Tobacco Control Legal System Based on Environmental Protection Law Under the Background of Framework Convention on Tobacco Control

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Yang Liu


This paper studies the legal system of tobacco control based on environmental protection law under the background of the Framework Convention on tobacco control. Methods: Using the research methods of comparative analysis and literature analysis, and taking the tobacco control law as the starting point, this paper expounds the development of global tobacco control civilization and the historical process of tobacco control at home and abroad. By analyzing the problems existing in the production, sales and consumption of tobacco products in China, we can trace the source in the specific links of the life cycle of tobacco products. At the same time, this paper systematically analyzes the defects of China's tobacco control system in taxation and private rights, and summarizes the shortcomings of China's tobacco control system. Results: Many cities have begun to try to enact non-smoking regulations to control smoking in public places. China's deficiencies in this regard are mainly due to the low level of relevant laws and regulations, which are basically local laws and administrative rules. The second is the problem of implementation, resulting in the inadequate or virtual implementation of many laws. Conclusion: From the development trend of various countries, the view of respecting others' health rights and gradually banning smoking has gradually become everyone's consensus. The consolidation of this understanding needs the support of laws to form a set of non-smoking system with national laws as the core and administrative rules and local regulations as the supplement. Rights and responsibilities are clear, and rewards and punishments are based on evidence. Only in this way can we ensure to reduce the smoking rate, protect everyone's health, and finally form a good atmosphere of no smoking and no respect for smoking in the whole society.

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